Riga Russian Theater opens a new playroom in Andrejsala with a performance for children

From September 13, Mikhail Chekhov's Riga Russian Theater invites little visitors and their parents to go on a trip – together with the heroes of Selma Lagerleva's fairy tale "The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgerson" to a mysterious place in Andrejsala.

"Once a boy named Nils Holgerson, left alone at home, saw the ghost of the house, caught it and Nils was turned into a dwarf of the size of a little finger. When Nils' mother's favorite rooster, Martin, was about to fly with the wild geese, the boy, wanting to hold it, hugged around the rooster's long neck and found himself high above the ground. Thus began a dizzying journey, in which Nils, together with the wild geese, experienced a lot of unusual things and realized the immeasurable value of friendship, kindness and mutual help,” says the show's description.

The latest performance of the Riga Russian Theater also reveals a new playground – the theater port "Andrejsala" – to which spectators will go by bus. Director of the play, playwright, visual concept and costume designer is Edgars Niklasons. The visual concept and costumes were also created by Evita Bēta. Choreography was developed by Alise Putniņa. Aleksandrs Malikovs, Anastasia Rekuta-Džordževiča, Artūrs Trukšs, Igors Nazarenko, Jūlija Berngardte will play in the show.

The new playground of the play "The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgerson" is on the very riverbank of the Daugava, in a hangar where giant box has been built, with air balloon basket in the middle.