RIBOCA starts in Andrejsala

Today is the opening of the Second Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA2). This year the biennial will take place solely in Andrejsala, a Riga Port City (RPC) territory. We, RPC team, are delighted to have this opportunity – offer our territory for the exhibition, handing it over to RIBOCA team and this year’s curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel.

In the exhibition concept Ms. Lamarche-Vadel writes about the challenges our civilisation is facing today, about different worlds that are ending in front of our eyes, and about the threshold, on which we all stand, facing new realities – for whose arrival we all are responsible and for whom contemporary art is a good guide and counsellor.

We at RPC see RIBOCA2 as a perfect catalyst, to take the step across this threshold into the new reality. These fully real steps towards development and betterment must be taken by us as territory developers, by Riga as a city and Riga as a community.

Riga Port City literally stands between ruins and new, as the biennial concept states, to start creating a new and better life space for Riga’s locals and guests, just as RIBOCA2 is doing it with our thoughts and feelings.
Andrejsala is the right place for Riga biennial, and we are saying a heartfelt thank you to RIBOCA team and artists for this inspiration an opportunity. Welcome to Andrejsala!

Juris Pētersons
On behalf of Riga Port City team