Dismantling of rails begins at Riga Port City – the territory becomes more accessible

On February 15, 2020, the dismantling of railway tracks in the center of Riga, in the territory of Riga Port City, was started. The rails have been completely dismantled today from their beginning in the southern part of Andrejosta, including the rails crossing the road.

As a result, free access to the area for pedestrians, cyclists, transport, tenants and long-term residents has been created. In the future, direct entry and exit will not be affected by the movement of railways.

A rail demolition project has been planned for the rest of the area, to remove all 20 km of railway tracks. Gradual works are planned in 2020, in accordance with the logistics reorganization in cargo handling to Eksportosta and Kundziņsala.

The aim of these activities is to prepare the area for further development, at the same time reducing pollution risks and noise level, as well as improving the quality of the environment for residents of Riga Port City and surrounding areas.