The architectural competition for the new passenger terminal has been announced

LLC "Riga Ropax Terminal” announces an open meta project competition for a new passenger and ro-ro cargo terminal. The deadline for submission of proposals is 25 March 2024, with 14 weeks for architects to submit their ideas. 

In July 2023, the Riga City Council approved a local plan for the southern part of Eksportosta, encompassing the design of the new terminal and outlining the prerequisites for its realization. To execute the local plan, 'Riga Ropax Terminal' is initiating an architectural competition with a specially selected jury commission. This commission comprises representatives delegated by the Riga City Council, the Freeport of Riga Authority, the National Heritage Authority, the Latvian Association of Architects, and 'Riga Ropax Terminal'.

"Riga Ropax Terminal has extended invitations to several foreign architectural offices to participate in the competition, including Berenblum Architects from the USA, ALA Architects from Finland, and R-Konsult from Estonia. Additionally, other interested parties meeting the requirements of the competition regulations are encouraged to submit their meta-projects.

The submitted meta-projects will undergo initial evaluation by a technical committee. Following the technical committee's assessment and the jury's evaluation, financial prizes and awards ranging from 1st to 3rd place will be granted to the winning meta-projects. The announcement of the winners is scheduled for early May 2024.

A new passenger terminal would put Riga on the map of European cruise ports, provide modern and environmentally friendly ferry passenger services in Riga and create new opportunities for the development of the ro-ro cargo segment. The new terminal will be in the southern part of Eksportosta, which will reduce traffic in the city center of Riga, while also reducing sound and air pollution. The local plan for the southern part of Eksportosta also includes the development of the area adjacent to the terminal, including improvements to public transport connectivity and landscaping of the surrounding area. 

For further details about the competition, please visit – and the 'Riga Ropax Terminal' website: