18 Dec, 2023

The architectural competition for the new passenger terminal has been announced

LLC "Riga Ropax Terminal” announces an open meta project competition for a new passenger and ro-ro cargo terminal. The deadline for submission of proposals is 25 March 2024, with 14 weeks for architects to submit their ideas.

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9 Nov, 2023

Port of Riga facing changes - new passenger and Ro-Ro cargo terminal on the way

The local plan for the southern part of Eksportosta also includes the development of the area surrounding the terminal, including improvements to public transport connectivity and landscaping of the neighbourhood.

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30 Oct, 2023

Interview with Riga Ropax Terminal Project Leader

Geopolitical Challenges, the Green Course and the new Ropax terminal. It is expected that in a few years, if the project develops successfully, a new passenger and ro-ro cargo terminal, Riga Ropax Terminal, will open in Riga Freeport.

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23 Oct, 2023

About Krasta Station

On 28 July 2020, the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure started on the section Zemitāni-Rīga-Krasta - the historic railway station "Rīgas Krasta" was disconnected from the common railway network.

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16 Oct, 2023

Convenient parking in Riga Port City

EuroPark operates in Riga Port City

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30 Sep, 2023

Pizza workshops for kids

Every Saturday, pizza workshops for kids are organised at Naples restaurant, Andrejostas iela 5, from 13.00 to 14.30.

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18 Sep, 2023

Silver Dawn in Riga Harbour

On Saturday, 16 September, the newest of the US cruise company Silverseaflotte's ships, Silver Dawn, was welcomed in the port of Riga.

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15 Sep, 2023

Riga City Canal closed for water traffic until 30 November

The period during which the Riga City Canal will be closed to water traffic is extended.

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31 Aug, 2023

International oil accident response drills in the Gulf of Riga

From 30 August to 1 September, the annual International Baltic Sea Emergency Response Exercise BALEX 2023 will take place in the Gulf of Riga and its coastline.

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14 Aug, 2023

For watercraft owners

Yacht club berth in Andrejosta, Eksporta iela 1d.

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17 Jul, 2023

Luxury cruise sailing boat "Sea Cloud Spirit" in Riga

A spectacular luxury cruise ship, the three-masted sailing vessel Sea Cloud Spirit, was on display in Riga harbour over the weekend. The 138-metre-long and 17-metre-wide sailing ship is one of the largest sailing ships in the world today.

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12 Jul, 2023

The local plan for the southern part of Eksportosta is approved

On 28 June, the Riga City Council approved a local plan for the southern part of Eksportosta.

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15 Jun, 2023

Ports of Stockholm and Riga Work Together to Build Sustainable Link

A newly signed Memorandum of Understanding between Ports of Stockholm, the Freeport of Riga Authority and Riga Ropax Terminal is the driving force behind a joint application for EU funding to reduce the impact of port activities on the environment and climate in the areas surrounding the passenger terminals in the capital cities.

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6 Jun, 2023

The application for EU funding for the Ropax project studies in the Port of Riga has been submitted

Riga Ropax Terminal, in cooperation with the Riga Freeport Authority as project lead partner, the Port of Stockholm, the Port of Klaipeda, the City of Stockholm and the Vismar University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, has submitted an application to the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Transnational Cooperation Programme.

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14 Mar, 2023

Riga Port City team @MIPIM 2023

MIPIM 2023 is officially on! You can meet the Riga Port City team at the Riga stand (R7.D5.)

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10 Mar, 2023

Riga Port City team goes to MIPIM 2023

We are pleased to announce that next week the Riga Port City team will participate in the international real estate and investment forum MIPIM 2023 at Cannes, France.

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24 Jan, 2023

Further development of Riga Port City is underway

The detailed design of the area has been approved by the municipality, the masterplan has been finalised and the area is ready for the next stages of development today.

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18 Jan, 2023

What should be in a public promenade?

Respondents name their favourite things to have in a public promenade in Riga Port City

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14 Dec, 2022

Riga Port City Christmas tree competition

Together with Restaurant Naples, we would like to delight one of you by giving away a €50.00 gift voucher to enjoy an authentic Italian meal of your choice.

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30 Nov, 2022

Riga Port City Christmas tree lit

We are pleased to announce that as of today, 30 November, the Christmas tree has been lit in our area, in the square surrounded by the restaurants of Andrejosta. 

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11 Nov, 2022

Would you be willing to work or live in Riga Port City?

More than 63% of respondents would be willing to work or move to Riga Port City.

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8 Aug, 2022


2022 September 15 will be a conference - REAL ESTATE’S CONTINUING RESILIENCE

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2 Aug, 2022

Cruise ship traffic in Riga

This year, a record number of ships have registered for the season in Riga.

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29 Jul, 2022

Marina of the yacht club in Andrejosta

If you are the owner of water transport and want to rent a parking space for your vehicle, the Yacht Club pier in Andrejosta, Eksporta iela 1d, will certainly help you.

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21 Apr, 2022

The season is open!

The 2022 cruise season is open.

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13 Apr, 2022

Rīga Contemporary Art Biennial postponed to 2023

In response to the war in Ukraine, the third Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA3) has been postponed to summer 2023.

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5 Apr, 2022

Renewal of the Riga-Stockholm route postponed

The Isabelle has been handed over to the Estonian authorities to provide temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees.

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21 Jan, 2022

Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art announces the title, participants and venues for its third edition (RIBOCA3) opening July 2022

The third edition of the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA3), running from 15 July – 2 October, led by Chief Curator René Block and titled Exercises in Respect, will feature 63 artists in the main exhibition in Andrejsala. Working alongside Block, Nico Anklam is acting as associate curator for RIBOCA3. He will also develop the public program for RIBOCA3.

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13 Nov, 2021

The world can see Andrejsala

The film's premiere already took place in London, Riga, Berlin, Moscow, Paris and Basel. The main venue of the film is Andrejsala, where RIBOCA2 took place in 2020. Now the world sees the potential of Andrejsala.

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14 Sep, 2021

RIBOCA film premiere coming soon at the Riga International Film Festival

At the Riga International Film Festival on October 17, the RIBOCA film - and suddenly it all blossoms – will premiere, documenting the Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art, which lasted only three weeks due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

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6 Sep, 2021

The new potential concert hall location sketches can be viewed in Andrejsala

The most appreciated student works of the Riga Technical University (RTU) master's study program have been placed in Andrejsala for viewing. A total of 22 works were developed within the study program, which reflected the proposals for the location of the National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga. The group of experts established by the Latvian Union of Architects has nominated three potential concert hall holdings, where Andrejsala ranked first in terms of architects' analysis and the number of points obtained.

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30 Jul, 2021

René Block appointed chief curator for the third edition of the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA3)

Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) is delighted to announce the appointment of René Block as chief curator for the third edition, RIBOCA3, running from 15 July - 2 October 2022 in Riga, Latvia.

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20 Aug, 2020

RIBOCA starts in Andrejsala

Today is the opening of the Second Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA2). This year the biennial will take place solely in Andrejsala, a Riga Port City (RPC) territory. We, RPC team, are delighted to have this opportunity – offer our territory for the exhibition, handing it over to RIBOCA team and this year’s curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel.

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13 Aug, 2020

RIBOCA contemporary art event launches in a week's time

The 2nd edition of Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA2) opens to the public from 20 August - 13 September 2020, bringing together 65 participants and 9 collectives at the Andrejsala industrial port area in Riga.

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30 Jul, 2020

RIBOCA2 and suddenly it all blossoms 20 August – 13 September 2020

ANDREJSALA – BETWEEN RUIN AND RENOVATION A partially abandoned peninsula, Andrejsala is somewhere between a ruin and a renovation site, mirroring the current state of the world. It stands as a metaphor for the ruptures of modern utopias, Soviet ideals and capitalist hopes, and resonates with our current challenges: to find ways of inhabiting the world in a new epoch while acknowledging these shared heritages.

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28 Jul, 2020

Krasta Station at Riga Port being disconnected from rail network – Andrejsala reunites with Riga center after 115 years

With development at Andrejsala on the territory of Riga Port City underway, SJSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš started a reconstruction of railway infrastructure in the Zemitāni-Rīga-Krasta section on July 28. As a result, the port’s historic coal railway station Rīgas Krasta has been disconnected from the rail network.

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1 Jul, 2020


With the reduction of the impact of the pandemic in the Baltic Sea countries and the lifting of travel restrictions in European countries, Tallink / Silja Line has opened a new route from Helsinki to Riga Passenger Port.

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18 Jun, 2020

RIBOCA2 announces new public opening dates and details on its new exhibition / feature movie film-set project

Understanding this extreme situation as a call for reinvention, the exhibition, spreading over 200,000m2 of the Tarkovskian former port district of Andrejsala in Riga, will be open to the public from 20 August - 13 September, and will be transformed into the setting for a feature- length film that will be shot during opening hours. Between a ruin and a construction site, past fallen dreams and present reality, the project, transformed into a unique experience, acknowledges the limitations and possibilities of today.

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14 May, 2020

RIBOCA2 announces programming for online series of talks and conversations

The 2nd edition of Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA2), and suddenly it all blossoms, curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, invites you to join its online series of talks and conversations, imagined with associate curator of public programmes Sofia Lemos.

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28 Apr, 2020

RIBOCA2 announces exhibition will transform into a feature movie

RIBOCA2 announces exhibition will transform into a feature movie, film set and online series of talks and conversations

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2 Apr, 2020

Magazine Deko: Scale does not exist

The second Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art RIBOCA2 will start in the summer. Unlike the first biennial, when there were eight locations in Riga, this time will be just one - in Andrejsala, while the other locations will be waiting for guests in Jurmala.

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17 Mar, 2020

RIBOCA announces the key locations for its second edition

RIBOCA announces the two main venues for its second edition: the former industrial port Andrejsala (“Andrew's Island”) in Riga and the former Summer Residence of the Union of Architects of Latvia in Jūrmala.

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19 Feb, 2020

Dismantling of rails begins at Riga Port City – the territory becomes more accessible

On February 15, 2020, the dismantling of railway tracks in the center of Riga, in the territory of Riga Port City, was started. The rails have been completely dismantled today from their beginning in the southern part of Andrejosta, including the rails crossing the road.

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22 Jan, 2020

Edavārdi album "Breakout" tour final concert will be the teritory of Riga Port City

Rapper Edavārdi has announced a concert tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of his album “Breakout". This will be a special concert series, focusing on the artist's older musical material, that has been created between 2007 and 2015.

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1 Oct, 2019

The city should develop

Riga Port City has a territory for the implementation of socially significant projects, such as the national acoustic concert hall.

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12 Sep, 2019

Riga Russian Theater opens a new playroom in Andrejsala with a performance for children

From September 13, Mikhail Chekhov's Riga Russian Theater invites little visitors and their parents to go on a trip – together with the heroes of Selma Lagerleva's fairy tale "The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgerson" to a mysterious place in Andrejsala.

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30 Jul, 2019

Dienas Bizness: Andrejsala and its development - from the entrepreneurs point of view

Does Andrejsala have the potential as a place for business, or has it been used up already? Business portal “Dienas Bizness” surveyed companies working in Andrejsala to find out their opinion on the development of this part of Riga.

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29 Jul, 2019

Dienas Bizness: Andrejsala – Riga's pearl of tomorrow

On July 29, "Dienas Bizness" wrote about Riga Port City: "In the upcoming years, Andrejsala may become the most dynamic development area, as the port cargo leaves the city center. All the prerequisites are there to make this place a real pearl of the city.”

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1 Mar, 2019

Hotels and office spaces planned for Andrejosta

“For us as the owners of Andrejosta territory, this project has been evolving organically, the territory being on the very bank of the Daugava. The river-front for a long time has been used as a Yacht port and service point before specific area development plans were in place. Our goal is to preserve these traditions. Therefore, in the project, we firmly stick to the decision that the waterfront will be green and accessible to pedestrians, public functions and recreation, as well as we’re considering all possibilities to actively use the water area itself,” announced Uģis Stīpnieks, SIA RJC Andrejosta project manager.

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